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The Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code is a national standard for the design and construction of new homes based on government aims to reduce our carbon emissions and create homes that are more sustainable.

The Code, which was introducted in 2007, aims to protect the environment by providing guidance on the construction of high performance homes built with sustainablity in mind. It sets out new standards for energy efficiency and sustainablity for housing and is divided into 6 levels, based on points awarded. Housing Associations typically aim to receive grants for new housing developments which meet the required levels of code.

Code Level 1 = 36 points
Code Level 2 = 48 points
Code Level 3 = 57 points
Code Level 4 = 68 points
Code Level 5 = 84 points
Code Level 7 = 90 points

There is a maximum of 100 points available from the Code's 9 sections. Each section is divided into credits, where score is then weighted into points to reflect environmental impact. Some credits are also mandatory for different levels

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